Mission Design Academy

Prepare the next generation workforce to meet the challenges of space exploration through an online academy offered by Arizona State University’s School of Earth and Space Exploration. MILO provides members with project-based learning and practice opportunities that give participants insight into the dynamic world of the space industry:

  • Participate in mission design and planning activities with MILO and ASU scientists.
  • Engage in mission requirements definition with space systems engineers.
  • Participate in design reviews and mission operations with ASU scientists, Lockheed Martin engineers and fellow MILO members.

Mission Innovation Accelerator

The MILO Institute offers members an Innovation Accelerator structured to develop science payload systems. The accelerator matures concepts developed in the Mision Design Academy through system development and flight unit build-and-test. The year-long program also provides entrepreneurial opportunities for participants to create new ventures that grow the new space economy.

Ambassador Program

The MILO Institute offers an Ambassador Program designed to provide access to global opportunities. MILO Ambassadors are typically citizens of the partner’s nation and connect the region to global opportunities, including space programs, R&D projects, international collaborations and research funding pathways for mission participation.