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The Milo Space Science Institute

Creating affordable access to space science

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Space exploration

The Milo Space Science Institute makes space exploration accessible to countries around the world with University-led missions that transform the way we think about engaging in space exploration and innovative business models that reduce the cost of entry.


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Capacity Building

We are creating a future where everyone has access to the professional training they need to participate in space exploration, commerce, and planetary stewardship. The Milo Mission Academy is designed to grow the local space ecosystem and allows participants to develop transferrable skills while remaining in their country.


Capacity Building



Expanding ASU's global reach and impact

For seven consecutive years, Arizona State University has ranked as the most innovative university in the US. It is ranked in the top 2% in the U.S. for NASA-funded research expenditures. The Milo Institute has an international focus and is helping take ASU’s innovative approach to partners around the world.

120+ space industry partners

40+ instrument facilities and laboratories

25+ active space missions

300+ space investigators university wide


Space Exploration Facilities



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Space Diplomacy

Motivated by the ASU charter, we take fundamental responsibility for the socio-economic health of the communities we serve and seek to be the partner of choice for space exploration and capacity building. Milo Ambassadors are citizens of their respective country and help advance space exploration and capacity building opportunities.



How we think

The Milo Space Science Institute exists to advance ASUs Charter, mission, and goals globally. We organize and conduct innovative space science and exploration missions. We work with strategic partners to provide space infrastructure as a service. We provide programs to build capacity to support the missions within the partner country, creating an end-to-end pipeline making space accessible to all. 


ASU Charter, mission and goals

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Making space science and exploration accessible

Milo’s programs leverage the space heritage at ASU, which has been at the forefront of space innovation since the dawn of the space age.