MILO offers members the opportunity to participate in Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) missions. The MILO Institute provides its members with a Project Office and programs to support concept development, payload system development and mission operations. Members will build their payloads to be integrated on Lunar Landers built by Lockheed Martin. By working with the MILO Institute, members will gain access to experts to help in the development and delivery of lunar payloads. Payload delivery services include:

  • Lander integration.
  • Launch.
  • Lunar transfer.
  • Landing.
  • Operations.

Payloads can access lander space, power, data, telemetry and thermal shielding as required.

Apophis Pathfinder

The MILO Institute is designing a dedicated mission to perform the first-ever close flyby of the 370 meter (1,100 feet) diameter asteroid (99942) Apophis, launching in 2025-2026 and reaching the asteroid within approximately one year. MILO's Apophis Pathfinder mission will conduct a precursor flyby several years before the asteroid passes within Earth’s geosynchronous satellite ring, to feed forward discoveries for future investigations of the asteroid. The mission will use a pair of small spacecraft to provide initial reconnaissance data designed to increase knowledge of the asteroid's orbit, to provide initial geologic and compositional information, and to estimate its mass.


The NEOShare mission will launch a cluster of CubeSat/SmallSat-class spacecraft to perform a close flyby of a diverse set of near-Earth asteroids. Each spacecraft will fly by a different target body, with the possibility of encountering up to 10 different asteroids in total.

More than 20,000 NEOs have known orbital characteristics. Only 5 have been visited by robotic missions. About 10% of NEOs are characterized as Potentially Hazardous Objects (PHOs)


  • LunaRide launch opportunities in 2023, 2024, and beyond
  • Apophis Pathfinder launch planned in 2025-2026
  • NEOShare launch planned in 2027