Affordable access to space science

Space exploration has demonstrated the ability to inspire people to learn, expand the realm of the possible, and make an impact. We offer numerous pathways for teams to participate in compelling space science missions.

Industry and workforce development

We provide workforce development through participation in science missions, spacecraft development, workshops and distance learning. An entrepreneurial framework encourages growth of the space industry.

Global network

Our network connects you to universities, government agencies and industry partners around the world.

The MILO Institute is a non-profit research collaborative led by Arizona State University, with support from Lockheed Martin.

Space mission technology

In collaboration with Lockheed Martin, MILO offers a payload accelerator program that matures technology, demonstrates payload prototypes and advances tech for space missions. Services provide emerging space-faring nations with opportunities to be part of new space economy.

Mission consortium

MILO manages the mission consortium and provides business services to reduce risk for stakeholders and members. With a mission project office modeled after NASA project offices, members receive support from concept development through payload design to mission operations.