Mission participation

The MILO Institute operates on a consortium model, with membership levels based on contribution. There are numerous pathways in which members participate in missions:

Benefits of joining the MILO Institute

Member benefits

  • Participate in the Small Satellite Innovation Accelerator program, which assists teams in developing a complete satellite.
  • Participate in space science missions at reduced cost.
  • Participate in design reviews and integration activities.
  • Design, build, test and qualify hardware.
  • Mission execution assurance and system integration provided by Lockheed Martin.
  • Rapid innovation and deployment, higher frequency of mission opportunities.
  • Demonstrate proprietary technology in an operational environment.
  • Participation in the Academic and Education Council.
  • Affordable and accessible
    • A consortium model distributes costs over a wide base.
    • Each member pays a fraction of the total mission cost.
    • Every member participates in the mission.
  • Compelling space science
    • Deepen our understanding of the universe.
    • Enable unprecedented exploration and scientific discovery.
    • Participate in all aspects of world-class space mission.
  • Engineering and scientific support
    ASU, Lockheed Martin and GEOshare shape mission objectives and will be available to advise participants from mission definition through satellite development and operation to achieve mission success.
  • Growth of space industry
    • Accelerate technology maturation.
    • Relevant experience in satellite build, test, integrate and operate.
    • Ecosystem designed to mature new technologies and space science programs.
  • Workforce development
    • Members participate in the Small Satellite Innovation Accelerator program.
    • Members participate in all aspects of world-class space missions.
    • Retention of intellectual capital.
  • Access to space science infrastructure
    The MILO Institute provides access to the complete infrastructure for deep space missions, including launch, carrier vehicle, communications and other critical technology.